8EXOTIC Passion Watermelon D8 25mg Gummies (Vegan Chews)


8EXOTIC’s Gummies are probably the best way to consume Delta 8. Made from premium US grown hemp, each of these vegan soft chews contains 25mg Delta 8 THC. 8EXOTIC Watermelon Delta 8 Gummies offer the refreshing sweet taste of plump watermelon infused with premium quality Delta 8 THC for a blissful experience.

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8EXOTIC Passion Watermelon D8 Gummies can be taken with your morning coffee for that wake up buzz or can be taken just before bedtime for a relaxing nap.

Consuming Delta 8 via Gummies is a hassle-free way of enjoying the benefits of Delta 8 without the complications of dosage, vapor, and smoke like in the case of vape juice, tinctures, and flowers. Edibles like 8EXOTIC D8 Gummies metabolize in the digestive system so the onset time may be anywhere between 30-80 minutes, unlike tinctures and vape where the onset is fairly quick.

When consuming 8EXOTIC D8 Gummies, it is recommended to start slow, wait for the effects to kick in, and progress gradually. Delta8 effects have been found to stay in the system for as long as 8 hours, it is therefore, important to choose your dosage carefully and not overdo it.

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